This page started not only my homepage , But also the start of what I hope to be a successful Web based Hobby Shop.

I have always as long as I can remember been interested in Model Airplanes. I started at age 7 with an old Comet Taylorcraft, and then went to control-line (CL) in the late 1940's. I entered my first contest at Bellingham Washington in 1952, also first joined the AMA that year, I flew Control-line Combat. (took third) I also flew Navy Carrier in the early sixty's, mainly around Seattle.

My Career In the Navy moved me around a bit and in 1969 while stationed at NAS Glenview Ill. I got my first radio. I have been an officer in several clubs and am now the President of a Giant Scale club. I Fly IMAC in the Northwest region. UPDATE We have moved to Apache Junction AZ, so I'm flying down here now

I managed a hobby shop for over 10years, and am now "retired" from that job also. My plan was to supply thing (kits, fittings, and such) for the larger aircraft on a as ordered bases from the web. Now it's retire and FLY more.

Thanks Dave (Grandpa)