After spending the weeks before the NATS either crashing or building, I left on the Sunday morning before the NATS at about 7Am with a Wife and a "new Dog" The trip there went well except the very last part. We spent several hours driving around Muncie, asking directions and being sent on the "old roads" finally I spotted a "sun shade" in the distance and was finally greeted by a VERY SMALL sign on a off ramp, pointing to the AMA site. Larger signs and more of them would help.

That night Frank and Mark came by where we were camping (at the site) and we installed the radio in Frank's Lazer I was to fly the next day (I ran out of planes). We did our best to setup the radio and went to bed (more on this later)

The next morning bright and early I was given a chance to test fly the plane before the contest started. It was NOT setup right but I could not quite place the reason why. The first flight was a REAL hand full as the elevator was way too "hot" and roll was way too slow. But it was a lot of fun meeting all the people from the IMAC list there and old friends from my visit a few years back to Illinois. I also got to scribe the unlimited flights for Ivan Christensen, and It was very interesting noting what he looked for. I was pleased to see that I would have given almost the same scores as he did. Again that night Mark let me try a short test flight as we set the elevator control and tried to set the ele/rudder mixing. (we missed and got it backwards). The second days flight was really interesting as when I tried to use rudder corrections the plane would climb A LOT. Again that night we set things up and by the third day the plane was at least trimmed, but it still would not stop at just one snap, and was a bit under-powered in the wind. So I was firmly in next to last place, so the last day was spent watching and scribing again.

It was a very fun and educational trip, I got to see a lot of good flying, and meet a lot of nice people. The contest was very well run and the freestyle flights were great to watch.

The best part was all the help I got trying to get the plane setup, and talking to flyers from the rest of the country.

SO next year I'll be ready (building has already begun). The AMA site is a Great spot to fly and they said the that by next year we will be farther East and not the houses to worry about.